Proposed Accompaniment Road Map for the Ateneo Physics Department

Roadmap Ateneo Physics - Set 12 - Roadmap Summary A3 printing(1)


  • November 2014 to June 2015: Individual Interviews, Focus Groups
  • January-June 2015: Executive Coaching of the Chair and the Dean


  • July 19-21, 2015: 3-day Synergy Development and Validation Dialogue
  • Started September 18, 2015, on going: Monitoring and Evaluation of Workshop Agreements

A. Task: Follow-through, Validate

  • Document committee meetings and faculty meetings
  • Continuously monitor action points agreed in Punta de Fabian
  • Evaluate the results of implementation of the agreed upon action points
  • Review the summary of organizational assessment results and select additional items that can be addressed

B. Relationship: Build-up, Create Circles, Affirm

  • Celebrate accomplished action points
  • Affirm individuals and groups
  • Set-up common area (lounge) where people can be together informally and chat
  • Create other forms of “coming together”


  • Strategic Planning
  • Development of Department’s Operational Plan (DOP)

A. Task: Document, Enhance, Assess

  • Arrive at consensus on the actions, processes and priorities that align individual and the entire group in the accomplishment of the Department’s overall direction
  • Set up systems, structures and mechanisms to implement the Strategy Direction
  • Develop and/or strengthen committees and its inter-function
  • Develop standards of efficient and effective processes
  • Document and assess impact of existing processes
  • Craft procedures/processes aligned with the standards

B. Relationship: Listen More, Reach Out More

  • Continuously affirm each other’s accomplishments
  • Continuously practice listening and effective feedback
  • Facilitate more discussion and exchanges between faculty, staff and students

Ensure that faculty are practicing “cura personalis” in taking care of the students


  • Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation of the DOP

A. Task: Monitor, Sustain, Honor

  • Ensure that systems, structures, and mechanisms are functioning well through regular monitoring and evaluation
  • Provide immediate response to gaps and needs
  • Review and affirm accomplishments
  • Facilitate the Physics Department’s effective relations with each other and with other departments and schools

B. Relationship: Get Involved, own-Up, Celebrate

  • Claim the “wins” and correct the misaligned
  • Facilitate open discussion and exchanges between and among faculty, staff and students
  • Community celebrations of Department’s accomplishments
  • Pro-actively affirm work-life generating forces
  • Encourage people to do and behave in accordance with the department’s shared vision, mission, values
  • Ensure the presence of the members of the Physics Department in University occasions
  • Imagine more possibilities for the practice of core values (the “DNA” of the Physics Department)


  • Institutionalization of the Ateneo Physics Department’s Desired Culture (in consonance with the University’s Vision-Mission-Values)