PhD Physics

Doctor of Philosophy in Physics (Regular Program)
SY 2011-2012

Prospective students for the regular Ph.D. in Physics should have a Master of Science in Physics or Applied Physics.

ELECTIVES 21 units
The student should take 15 units in a particular field of specialization and 6 units of breadth courses with the approval of his/her thesis adviser.

Cat No. Course Units
 PS 205 Mathematical Physics 3
 PS 210 Quantum Mechanics II 3
 PS 211 Fluid Mechanics 3
 PS 213 Introduction to Geophysical Fluid Dynamics 3
 PS 222 Introduction to Solid State Physics 3
 PS 223 Physical Theory of the Solid State 3
 PS 224 Electronic Properties of Materials 3
 PS 225 Thermodynamics and Phase Transformations 3
 PS 226 Materials Characterization 3
 PS 230 Geophysical Fluid Dynamics 3
 PS 231 Computational Models for the Environment 3
 PS 232 Physical Meteorology 3
 PS 233 Dynamic Meteorology 3
 PS 241 Fundamentals of Air Pollution 3
 PS 242 Physics of the Environment and Climate 3
 PS 243 Remote Sensing and Environmental Mapping 3
 PS 244 Environmental Instrumentation 3
 PS 256 Experiments in Photonics (Laboratory) 3
 PS 258 Optical Waveguides 3
 PS 259 Quantum Electronics and Photonic Devices 3
 PS 261 Modern Optics 3
 PS 265 Lasers, Spectroscopy and Applications 3
 PS 266 Advanced Fiber Devices 3
 PS 268 Optical Networks 3
 PS 272 Quantum Electrodynamics 3
 PS 301 Research Seminar I 3
 PS 302 Research Seminar II 3
 PS 303 Advanced Research Laboratory I 3
 PS 304 Advanced Research Laboratory II 3
 PS 200.xx Special Topics 3


 Cat. No.  Course Units
PS 307 Graduate Seminar 1
PS 308.1 Graduate Colloquium 1
PS 308.2 Graduate Colloquium 1

After one year in the program, the student must defend a dissertation proposal, testing the adequacy of his or her expertise in physics and in his/her chosen dissertation topic. This can be done earlier if the student is ready for it.

A PhD student is expected to publish at least one ISI-indexed paper in the course of his/her study. A student will not be awarded the degree unless a notice of acceptance for publication if not the actual published paper is produced. The student should be the first author of the paper which is related to the topics investigated in the course of his/her PhD study.


Cat. No.  Course   Units
 PS 310.1 Dissertation Research 6
 PS 311.1 Dissertation Writing 6


After all course work has been completed, the student should enroll in PS 310.1 every term until he/she is ready to defend his/her dissertation. On the semester of the Oral Defense, the student should enroll in the Dissertation Writing course PS 311.1. The units for the dissertation are credited after the student passes the oral defense and submits the final revised copy of the dissertation.


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