MS Atmospheric Science

I. Admission Requirements

  • ƒA bachelors degree in science or engineering from a college of goodstanding
  • A general undergraduate average of 85 percent, B or 2.0;
  • A minimum of 18 undergraduate units or its equivalent in the major field in which the applicant intends to do graduate work which includes Calculus, General Physics, and General Chemistry;
  • Facility with the use of computers and common software (e.g. word processors, spreadsheets, etc), preferably with a working knowledge of at least one programming language;
  • Acceptable scores in the entrance tests administered by the Ateneo Center for Psychological and Educational Assessment;
  • An interview with the Department Chairperson/Program Head.

II. The Curriculum

The Master of Science in Atmospheric Science (MS AS) curriculum is founded on the classical graduate curriculum for Meteorology but allows for flexibility in accommodating the gamut of topics and fields that are beyond the scope of classical Meteorology but within the broader vista of atmospheric research (e.g. atmospheric chemistry, computational science and modeling, etc.).  Proceeding from the classical foundational Meteorology courses, the student may tackle current atmospheric research problems from the general vantage point of either measurements (instrumentation and monitoring) and/or modeling (computer analysis). The MS AS program will require a Masteral Thesis which may be based on topics of particular importance to the student’s line of work and/or topics the graduate faculty are actively engaged in. The curriculum also allows for balancing or bridging courses intended for potential students with little or no background in Atmospheric Science (science, math & engineering majors).


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