BS Physics

BS Physics are for those who wish to develop their mathematical modeling skills to describe the world we live in from electrons to atoms to planets to stars to galaxies and how these interact through gravitational, electromagnetic, and nuclear forces. BS Physics graduates not only pursue graduate and postgraduate studies in physics and astronomy, but also branch out to mathematical finance, econometrics, engineering, and management.  BS Physics graduates are trained to think not in terms of rule of thumbs and accepted protocols, but in terms of fundamental concepts and equations.  This makes them invaluable problem solvers and consultants in industries.


2 Responses to BS Physics

  1. glenn says:

    Can you please elaborate the connection of BS Physics to astronomy?

  2. Glenn,

    Astronomy is based on physics. To predict the orbits of planets and stars you have to know Newton’s Laws of Motion and his Law of Gravitation. You may also need to add relativistic corrections, such as in the Mercury’s precession. To study stars, you need to understand the physics of the atom. To know what elements a star contains, you have to understand atomic spectra–which is based on Quantum Mechanics. The telescope that you are using to see the stars is made of lenses and mirrors, and the theory of image formation is based on Geometric and Wave Optics.The sun and planets are not just masses: they also have charges, electric fields, and magnetic fields. The sunspots of the sun are also magnetic field vortices and the sun emits charged particles to earth in the form of solar wind and coronal mass ejections. The earth’s magnetic field shields us from the solar wind and this magnetic field is generated by charge currents inside the earth–similar to dynamos, which are governed by Maxwell’s equations in electrodynamics. I can go on forever. It’s nice if you can drop by to chat. I am staying at the Manila Observatory’s Ionosphere Research Building.–Dr. Quirino Sugon jr..

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