BS Physics is a 5-year program without summers that of­fers rigorous training in theoretical and experimental phys­ics.

BS Applied Physics is a 5 year program with two tracks: Instrumentation (BS APS/In­strumentation) and Materials (BS APS/Materials). The Instrumentation track is for those who wish to design and build their own instru­ments. The Materials track is for those who wish to develop new materials with desired qualities.

The department’s unique five year, double-degree programs are the BS Applied Physics/BS Material Science Engineering (BS APS/MSE) and BS Applied Physics/BS Applied Computer Systems (BS APS/ACS).

BS APS/ACS enhances the student’s knowledge of areas such as communications, computer interface design, and operating systems.

BS APS/MSE integrates the knowledge and tools of chemistry and physics with engineering principles to design, fabricate and characterize improved and novel materials.

Master of Physics Education is a non-thesis degree pro­gram for high school and college teachers.

M.S. in Physics is a masters program for training physi­cists to be experts in a particular area of research. A gradu­ate thesis is required.

M.S. in Atmospheric Science is a masters program with foundational courses in meteorology and branching out to either instrumentation/monitoring and/or computer model­ing.

Ph.D in Physics program aims to develop outstanding physi­cists who can get their research works published in in­ternational physics journals and mentor the next generation of physicists. A doctoral dissertation is required and at least one ISI journal publication.


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