New elective class by Dr. Reinabelle Reyes: Ps 195.2 Astrophysics


Ps 195.2 Introduction to Astrophysics by Reinabelle Reyes, Ph.D. Photo credit: “Milky Way Arch” by Bruno Gilli/ESO Licensed under CC BY 4.0 via Commons –

The Physics Department will be offering an Astrophysics class this coming second semester and it’s open to students who have fulfilled the required science and math background below.
  • Course title: Introduction to Astrophysics
  • Course code: PS 195.2
  • Units: 3 units (This course can be credited as a Physics elective or free elective but not as an MSE elective)
  • Instructor: Reinabelle Reyes, Ph.D.
  • Course description: This is an introductory course in astronomy and astrophysics, with an emphasis on understanding the physical processes involved. Topics covered include stars, galaxies, and the birth and fate of the Universe. Students are expected to have a solid grounding in calculus-based physics and mathematics.
  • Prerequisites: PS 52 (or PS 32 or PS 42) and Ma 22.
  • Schedule: TBA as of now and during registration period to allow students of varied schedules to enroll but please note that the teacher prefers a TH 2-5 schedule, so it would help if you could keep that time slot open.


Clint Bennett
Undergraduate Coordinator
Department of Physics


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