Official Enrollment and Completion of Registration Process for Summer 2014


Registrar's Office of Ateneo de Manila University

Registrar’s Office of Ateneo de Manila University. The Registrar’s Office is closed this Holy Week 2014.(Photo by quirinosugonjr for Ateneo Physics News)

MEMO TO: All Full-time and Part-time Faculty Members of the Loyola Schools

School Registrar

Please be informed that undergraduate and graduate students should have completed the registration process by Wednesday, April 23, 2014 to be considered officially enrolled this Summer 2014. The complete registration process involves:

  1. Securing the Registration Form
  2. Enlistment in advised classes
  3. Payment of the assessed fees
  4. ID validation.

In connection with this,

  1. Please remind your students of the deadline for completion of the registration process. If there are any special circumstances that prevent students from completing registration, they should immediately see the School Registrar (Registrar’s Office, G round Floor, Social Sciences Building).
  2. Please check AISIS to find out who have completed registration in your classes. If you have students who are attending your class but whose names are not on the AISIS class list, please ask these students to complete their registration process at the soonest possible time. You can also provide our office with the names of these students before April 22, 2014 so we can assist you in reminding the students.
  3. Students who are not officially enrolled by April 23, 2014 should not be allowed to participate in the classes, e.g., join groups, submit papers, take exams, nor should they be given grades or endorsements at the end of the semester.

Please be guided accordingly. Thank you very much.


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