PAASCU Requirements for Laboratories


Appendices: Will be included in the Manual (Max # pages = 5 per item identified)

1.  Each graduate student has adequate laboratory space to conduct research. This space is available most of the time so that the graduate student can make daily progress in his/her research.

  • List of Laboratories
  • Photos of Some Laboratories
  • Example of Laboratory Guidelines for Students

2. The laboratory has the necessary equipment to support the instructional and research needs of graduate students.

  • Photos of Some Laboratory Equipment
  • Examples of Equipment Guidelines for Students
  • Scanned Example of Equipment logbook

3. The graduate student actually participates or conducts his/her own research.

  • Photos of Students conducting their research
  • Scanned Example of a Graduate Student Laboratory Notebook

4. Hoods, goggles, suitable fire extinguishers and other provisions for safety are available.

  • Photos of Some Laboratory Safety Equipment

5. There is an effective system for the proper upkeep and maintenance of equipment including chemical instruments.

6. All graduate laboratory courses are taught by qualified faculty members.

7. The faculty adviser is available for consultation.

  • Example of Faculty Consultation Hours

8. The graduate school has reciprocal consortium arrangements with other universities, industries or agencies whereby specialized equipment are made available for graduate research.

Exhibits: Documents/Materials that will be put on display during the PAASCU visit.

  • CHED Centers of Excellence and Centers of Development
  • Photos of Laboratories
  • Inventory of Laboratory Facilities
  • Laboratory Safety Manuals
  • Budget for Laboratory Equipment and Maintenance
  • Laboratory Fees for Graduate Students with Laboratory Courses
  • Maintenance and Improvement of Laboratories
  • Thesis / Dissertation

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