Editorial policies for the Ateneo Physics blogs and other social media

by Quirino Sugon Jr.

The Ateneo Physics blogs are not opinion blogs. They are just meant to document things, because it is hard to keep track, for example, of conference and journal articles that the physics faculty published, and the Dean or the OACRW would ask for  lists of talks or papers published or alumni whereabouts or course descriptions to be submitted as soon as possible, e.g. the next day. Without the blogs, the department would be at a loss if faculty members do not like frequent emergency requests (faculty members need several weeks lead time at a minimum). But because of our blogs, we can provide most of the data needed by the school administrators which they can simply search via Google. Here are the editorial policies of the blogs and social media that I adopt:

1. Ateneo Physics News

Mostly transcribed interviews, so the writer has little room to inject opinion because the words are mostly that of the interviewee, except for the introductory paragraph and questions. Articles here goes through the approval of the Chair and the News Editor (Joel). This is a high traffic website (65 visitors a day in one month average).

2. Ateneo Physics Labs

Mostly conference abstracts and physics talk announcements. It does not go through the Chair and News Editor because there’s not much to edit; it is just copy and paste. But we can adopt the same procedure as Ateneo Physics News if the Chair and the News Editor are willing to shoulder additional burden. This is a low traffic website. Converting pdf slides to jpg and importing pictures from Google Plus is time-consuming, but worth the effort. Here’s an example of a the latest blog post I made: Monitoring and Source Apportionment for Particulate Matter Pollution in Six Asian Countries by Melliza Templonuevo Cruz of Manila Observatory. I think this new method of posting would make the blog a high-traffic website for those who search for science-related pictures. (10 visitors a day)

3. Ateneo Physics Handbook

Mostly descriptions of courses, programs, and policies as they evolve in time. This is just mostly copy and paste. Articles here do not go through the Chair and News Editor. This is a low traffic website. (12 visitors a day)

4. Ateneo Physics Teacher

Mostly pictures of demonstration experiments and other stuff useful for high school physics teachers. Dormant blog. But I think Sir Ivan has ideas on how to make this blog better, by posting videos of demo experiments, for example. I think the Physics Education group can use this media platform to extend the group’s educational reach (10 visitors a day).

5. Ateneo Physics Facebook

This is storage for our pictures of physics people. The aim here is to find content that will be liked and shared by as many people as possible. Lots of web traffic here. If there are more of us here who will manage the page and post content, we can increase web traffic. Just let me know if anyone wishes to be an FB manager and I’ll add him up. This is our only connection to our students and alumni, though I haven’t mined this data yet. (409 likes)

6. Ateneo Physics News Google Plus Business Page–Mostly pictures for posters and papers. Because we don’t have Slideshare account, I screen-grab pictures of slides of talks, upload them as jpg or png, and if I have the energy, I post each slide in Ateneo Physics Labs. This is a very time-consuming process. Not much web traffic or likes here. I created the Google Business Page for Ateneo Physics just yesterday. It is some sort of Business Yellow Page. Unlike in the old Google Plus page profile, one can add more managers to the business page just like in Facebook.

7. Ateneo Physics News Channel

I created this only yesterday in preparation for Sir Ivan’s videos.

If there is anyone who would like to take charge of one of the blogs and make sure that one new blog post get’s published each week, I’ll give you the logn and psswrds to the ateneo physics blogs and even the department’s official webpage:

8. Ateneo Physics Department’s Official Page

The content here consists of one paragraph excerpts of Ateneo Physics blog posts.


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