Content writer, editor, and uploader for Ateneo Physics blogs

by Quirino Sugon Jr.

These are the blogs and social media sites of the Physics Department:

These social media sites cannot be effectively managed and updated by one person alone. Ideally, one person should be in-charge of each social media site. That person must make sure that new content is posted at least once a week.

Here is my proposal. We get three people to share the sys ad units (3 units per year):

  • Content writer (1 unit).  This is me (or someone else). I look for content to be posted in each blog. I transcribe lectures and interviews. I get videos. I take photos. I write first draft of manuscripts.
  • Content editor (1 unit)  The editor makes sure that no typos or grammatical errors are posted. He will take care of Physics-related announcements in Ateneo Blueboard, Facebook, and Google Plus Page.
  • Content uploader (1 unit)  A Junior faculty can handle this. I’ll just write some style guide that can be followed: using url links of pictures, rules on tags, rules on picture sizes in pixels, length of titles, etc. He will take charge of the uploading of pictures and videos. These uploads eat up time.

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