Protocol on Suspension of Classes and/or Offices

Date:            June 21, 2012

Memo to:   University Community

Subject:   Protocol on Suspension of Classes and/or Offices

From:           Vice President for Administration


Please be informed/reminded of the following protocol to be followed regarding suspension of classes and/or offices.

A. General Protocol

  1. Notice of suspension shall come from the respective school unit heads and to be disseminated by the University Communication and Public Relations Office (UCPRO).
  2. In the event that no suspension will be made during inclement weather conditions, the UCPRO shall also make an announcement.
  3. Forms of Announcement:
    1. SMS to unit heads for immediate information dissemination
      1. Facilities Management Office (FMO) through the Communication Center immediately activates pre-recorded announcements available in the Ateneo trunkline
      2. InfoBoard messages c/o InfoBoard Administrators
    2. Online announcements c/o the UCPRO
      1. Memo posted on the Blue Board
      2. Bulletin on the Ateneo website
      3. Facebook and Twitter posts via official Ateneo accounts
    3. Radio and TV advisories c/o the UCPRO

B. On Suspension of Classes

  1. For the various school units, the following shall be responsible for suspending classes:
    1. Ateneo Grade School: AGS Headmaster
    2. Ateneo High School ? AHS Principal
    3. Loyola Schools ? VP for the Loyola Schools
    4. Ateneo Professional Schools ? respective Deans
  • Time of Announcements:
    1. First Announcement: 10p.m. If no announcement is made by this time;
    2. Next Announcement: 4a.m.
  • Suspension of classes includes suspension of all student activities.

C. On Suspension of Offices

  1. For the suspension of offices, the Human Resource Management Office (HRMO) and the Office of the VP for Administration (OVPA) shall be responsible for suspending offices for Staff and Administrators.
  2. Suspension of offices includes suspension of all non-student (e.g. parents, faculty) and non-university (external clients) activities.
  3. In all instances of suspension of offices, the FMO shall designate a skeletal force to ensure security and order in campus.

I pray that everyone keeps safe in times of suspension and remember that everyone?s safety and welfare is the University’s utmost concern.

Nemesio S. Que, SJ


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