New morning rerouting scheme for Ateneo motorists

 11 June 2012

TO: The Ateneo de Manila Community

FROM: The Asst. Headmaster for Student Affairs

RE: The New Morning Rerouting Scheme for Ateneo Motorists


This school year, the MMDA and the traffic management group of the Ateneo have agreed to try a new rerouting scheme for Ateneo motorists who report to school and work early in the morning. This is in response to an observation made last year that Ateneo motorists (mostly of the Grade School) that are coming from the Marikina/ Antipolo area and those coming from the Xavierville/Diliman area prefer to enter Gate 1 of the Ateneo when dropping off students in the AGS or when reporting to work in the various units in the morning. This preference has naturally led to the congestion and funneling of vehicles at Gate 1. This new scheme aims, therefore, to distribute the number of vehicles entering the campus into the three (3) main gates of Ateneo rather than to only one. The scheme works like this:

For vehicles bearing the YELLOW STICKER (with students from PREP, GR. 1, GR. 2, and GR. 3):

  1. Stay on the RIGHT SIDE of the road, 50 meters away, approaching GATE 1 of the Ateneo.

  2. ENTER GATE 1 and unload school service riders at DROP-OFF POINT A.

  3. For NON-school service riders, you may proceed to the INNER DRIVEWAY (DROP-OFF POINT D).

For vehicles with the ORANGE STICKER (with students from GR. 4, GR. 5, GR. 6, and GR. 7):

  1. Stay on the LEFT SIDE of the road, 50 meters away, approaching GATE 1 of the Ateneo.

  2. Drive past GATE 1 and ENTER GATE 2 instead.

  3. Unload students either at DROP-OFF POINT B or DROP-OFF POINT C.

For vehicles with Ateneo stickers designated for the other units of the university:

  1. You are encouraged to enter GATE 2 or GATE 3. This will help in the decongestion of Gate 1.

In order to further strengthen this campaign, the Ateneo has asked the help of some parent volunteers from the Grade School, High School and Loyola Schools. Starting JUNE 13, from 6:00 AM to 7:00AM, these parents will help out as traffic marshals for two weeks and will help in leading the motorists to their proper lanes, as well as their gates of entry. The Ateneo sincerely hopes that our publics will extend to these parent marshals the courtesy and respect due them. The schedule is as follows:


JUNE 13 – Grade 7 (Wednesday) JUNE 19 – Grade 3 (Tuesday)

JUNE 14 – Grade 6 (Thursday) JUNE 20 – Grade 2 (Wednesday)

JUNE 15 – Grade 5 (Friday) JUNE 21 – Grade 1 (Thursday)

JUNE 18 – Grade 4 (Monday) JUNE 22 – Grade 7 (Friday)

Let us all help in making this scheme work. And may this endeavor be the start of many more collaborations between the school and the home this new school year. God bless us all.

Sincerely, Approved:

(Signed) (Signed)

Mr. Jervy M. Robles Fr. Norberto Ma. Luza Bautista, S.J.

Asst. Headmaster for Student Affairs Headmaster (Grade School)


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