SCI 110 / SCI 210 Introduction to Patents: Syllabus for Sem 1, SY 2012-13

Sci 110 (for undergraduates) and Sci 210 (for graduate students)


(Lecture, 3 units) SYLLABUS for Sem 1, SY 2012 – 2013


The lecture class is an introduction to patents. Topics include the various types of intellectual property; Philippine, US, and European patent laws; Philippine IPO regulations; patentable and non-patentable subject matter; process for applying for local and foreign patents; first-to-file rule; who owns the rights to a patent; term of a patent, rights conferred by a patent; format/parts of the patent, patent forms, and fees; novelty, inventive step, industrial utility; patent infringement and patent invalidity.

Other topics such as careers and opportunities in the patent field and topics covered by invited outside speakers.



Dr. Nikko P. Quevada
Email: npq123(at)
Consultation hours: After class and by email


Upon completion of this course, students will

  1. Understand basic Philippine, US, and European patents laws;
  2. Know about the different types of intellectual property;
  3. Know what type of intellectual property coverage is appropriate for a given situation;
  4. Know about the different types of patentable subject matter;
  5. Know how to conduct patent searches;
  6. Know how to draft patent claims and prepare a patent application;
  7. Know about the different requirements for filing a patent;
  8. Be able to file patent applications here and abroad;
  9. Be familiar with the process of prosecuting patents;
  10. Know the rights granted by a patent to the patent owner or assignee;
  11. Learn about the basics of patent infringement and patent invalidity.

Weeks/ Topics/ Activity / Chapters

  1. Introduction to the Course and Orientation
  2. Patents, Copyrights, Trademarks, Trade Secrets: Which ones to file?
  3. Philippine Patent Law, US & European Patent Law, Philippine IPO Regulations.  Homework on patent rules & regulations due
  4. Invited outside speaker presentation
  5. Patentable & Non-patentable Subject Matter, when to apply for a patent, first-to-file rule
  6. Invited outside speaker presentation
  7. Who owns the rights to a patent, term of a patent, right conferred, etc.
  8. Format/parts of the patent, claims, patent forms, fees, etc. Completed Patent Application Forms due
  9. Novelty, Inventive Step, and Industrial Utility.   Sample patent claims due
  10. Patent infringement, patent invalidity, etc.
  11. Patent infringement, patent invalidity, etc. Patent search results and patent invalidity arguments due
  12. Careers, opportunities for science & engineering majors in the IP field.

Last week. Integration Period

Finals Week. Patent Application Due.


Selected materials posted on the websites of the Philippine Intellectual Property Office, USPTO, European Patent Office, and WIPO.


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One Response to SCI 110 / SCI 210 Introduction to Patents: Syllabus for Sem 1, SY 2012-13

  1. Kath Pompa-Calagui says:

    I wish we had this when I was still studying. This is a very practical class. I hope it would encourage more students to enter product development.

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