Three strategic anchors or hubs of Ateneo de Manila University

Office of the President

16 April 2012

Memo to    :    The University Community
From          :    The President
Subject       :    Three strategic anchors or hubs
In view of our three strategic thrusts, we are exploring three university-wide strategies (i.e. means) that will enable us to attain our goals in mission-identity, nation-building, and environment-development.  These three institutional anchors (which can later evolve into programs or centers or institutes or even schools) are envisaged to be hubs for culture and the arts, leader development, and sustainable development.

Tentatively, these multi-disciplinary hubs or strategic anchors have been christened The Athenaeum, Ateneo Leadership Institute, and the Center for Earth Science and Sustainability.  These names are by no means final, nor do these hubs exhaust the university-wide strategic possibilities out there.  We are still very much in the process of gestation, taking into account the multi-disciplinary input from the various university units and disciplines.

I have requested Dr Maria Luz C Vilches, Dr Antonette P Angeles, and Dr Assunta C Cuyegkeng to assist us in developing the institutional blueprints for these three strategic anchors, respectively.

On behalf of the University, I am grateful to them for their Ignatian readiness and generosity in taking on this additional task.

Kindly support them with your creative ideas and your concern for the mission that is the Ateneo de Manila.

For your information and guidance

Jose Ramon T Villarin SJ



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One Response to Three strategic anchors or hubs of Ateneo de Manila University

  1. It was wise to invite the students to share their ideas in the establishment of the multi-discipline hubs for the Ateneo de Manila University. As many people share their views there is a lot of hope that this project will turn out to be successful.

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