Ateneo Physics week on 30 Jan 30 to 3 Feb 2012: List of activities

Ateneo Physics Week

Ateneo Physics Week

January 25, 2012

Department of Physics
School of Science and Engineering
Ateneo de Manila Unviersity

Dear Sir/Madame:

This coming January 30 – February 3 the Ateneo League of Physicists will be holding the annual Physics Week, a whole week dedicated to giving the Ateneo community, and even high school students around the metro, an opportunity to partake in various activities that will allow them to not just challenge themselves physically and mentally, but also learn, appreciate and be enlightened on the wonders of Physics through its practical and overwhelming manifestations.
In line with this, we would want to ask for your help in promoting and encouraging your students to take part in the various activities we have prepared for the above-mentioned Physics Week, specifically in the following:

  1. Physics Quiz Bee – an avenue for non-physics majors to test their memory, knowledge and understanding of physics concepts discussed in the classroom in a competitive, intellectual face-off
  2. Real Physics Game – more than just a game, the RPG subtly puts to the test the participants understanding of Physics concepts in the form of challenges and tasks set-up in this “Amazing Race” type of event
  3. Film Showing – throughout the week thought-provoking, captivating films will be presented as a means of sparking interest and appreciation for Physics and Science in general
  4. The Wright Design – a week long challenge posed to all faculty, staff, and students for them to see that beyond the fun and excitement that is gained from flying a paper airplane, there is a lot to learn about the physics of the plane
  5. Stargazing – a simple yet rare opportunity for the community to observe and appreciate the wonders of the skies above us with the guidance and instruction of a few experts

Looking forward to your cooperation and guidance. Thank you and God bless!


Andrew Gawidan II
Physics Week Head

Noted By:

Joshua Francis Uy
League of Physicists

Raphael Guerrero
League of Physicists


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