Prelude to the recruitment week: status of the physics department’s blogs

by Quirino Sugon Jr.

It’s recruitment time again.  The department was instructed to do the following:

  1. Update our respective websites. The links must be double-checked
  2. Identify prominent/successful alumni whom you can invite for the various open houses of the School of Science and Engineering.
  3. Collect photos and updates from your alumni who are abroad studying or who have successful stories to share.
  4. Tidy up our premises and labs for the open houses.

I think our websites are updated enough (it’s my job!).  The Ateneo Physics News and the Ateneo Physics Handbook has been active lately.  I’ll post the SPP 2011 abstracts tomorrow in Ateneo Physics Archives.  The Ateneo Physics Labs and Ateneo Physics Teacher have no new material yet.  All photos, by the way, is in our Facebook page: (notice the nice clean url courtesy of Facebook!).  I simply copy the image url of the Facebook photos and use them for all the pictures in the department blogs.  In this way, I don’t use up precious memory space allotted by WordPress.  We haven’t done much videos yet for our You Tube Chanel, because I still don’t have a good software for making videos.

The Ateneo Physics Department in the Ateneo website is just a hub.  The page headers all link to our department blogs and social networks.  Starting this July 28, we shall have a web consultation for the new Ateneo website.  I hope we can have a clean url adresses in the Ateneo sites.

I think there are still some loose ends in Ateneo Physics Handbook that I need to check:

  1. Include the new faculty in the roster.  I already asked our secretary to send me the names of the new faculty, their latest educational attainment, degree-granting university, and field of specialization
  2. Check whether the curriculum is up to date
  3. Posted the individual course descriptions

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