Marketing the Ateneo Physics Department through its products: where have all our alumni gone?

by Ivan Culaba

Equally important, or maybe even more important, for our recruitment is the sample list of our graduates, where they are now, and what jobs they are holding at present. Top on the list is Fr. Jett. It will answer the usual question of what the physics graduates do after graduation. We may also add in the presentation some sort of road map after graduation showing their options, e.g. graduate school, industry, banking and management, academe, and government. We can add physics graduates who are actively working on these areas a short script of the significance of their physics degree.

I suggest that we focus on this aspect then we explain the training that a BS Physics student undergoes which allows him/her to easily find employment in different fields. The different labs can then be introduced as part of their training. We can even do away with the lab tour. Just show them slides of these facilities and what skills, values, etc. they get after one and a half year of work.

Have you ever seen on television Toyota showing their stamping plants, engine manufacturing facilities and Jollibee showing their cookwares and ovens? What they advertise are their products. So we should advertise our products and spend less time on presenting our curriculum and facilities.

Suggestions for the Slide Presentations for the Recruitment:

Let’s put more people, not necessarily those who got PhDs, new graduates and their current employment. If we can get some words from them on how their physics training helped them in their current jobs, the better.

What I have in mind is that the first slides will open their minds that there are jobs for physics graduates other than teaching physics and going to graduate school. It will be more convincing if we have words from our graduates.

Once we have convinced them that a physics degree is worth considering, we then have to draw them towards the Ateneo Department of Physics. Note that there are other schools offering physics degrees.

That’s when the next set of slides come in. But we need to focus on SKILLS that they get out of our physics programs, which are very useful in whatever job/path they take after graduation.

For example, oral and written language. We can cite that aside from their English classes, when they reach 3rd year, they have to be attached to a research group. There they attend regular meetings and seminars where they give prepare and give oral presentations of the progress of their projects and journal article readings. Then we show some slides of actual research meeting.
They are then encouraged to present their work in local and international physics conferences. They also have to write their thesis. We can then present slides showing the bound copies of the theses of some of our students.

At this point we can show slides of the research group mentors (as well as the labs) and show present their credentials (including awards and publications) so show them that we have the capability of training students.

(Note that the skills developed in the research labs will be very useful if they go to graduate school or proceed to the corporate world.)

Another set of skills are analytical and problem solving. We can show them slides of typical classes where they work on problems and also show them the elementary physics lab where the students perform different experimenst. We can them show them the faculty members and their credentials.

So what I have in mind is a coherent presentation where the focus is on our graduates and we link the labs and faculty towards the excellent training of our students.

We can also add, values formation – hard work, honesty, perseverance, etc.


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