Branding 101 for Ateneo Physics Labs: Dominant Selling Idea

by Quirino Sugon Jr.

Recruitment time is near, so we need to know how to package the Ateneo de Manila University’s Department of Physics in general and of our individual laboratories in particular.

For help in branding the individual physics labs, you may like to visit the site

The main aim of branding is to find a dominant selling idea which is superlative,
important, believable, memorable, and tangible.  To do this, you need to answer five items:

1.  Your Laboratory’s NAME.  Is it meaningful?  Does it convey what the company/product is about?  Is it catchy and memorable?  Preferably, the name must not exceed 7 syllables.

2.  What is your lab’s UNIQUE OWNABLE SPECIALTY–what does your lab do that no other lab does?

3.  What TAGLINE (or mantra) encapsulates what you do?  “This is your DSI wrapped in a magic word package.”  For example, Colt 45: Strong beer for real men.  SMDC: the Good Guys.

4.  What is your lab’s KEY IMAGE (worth 100 words)?  Not your logo… it’s an “indelible snapshot that demonstrates both performance and proof–your DSI–in a single flash.” For example, Marlboro cowboy, Nestea plunge, Intel Inside.

5.  Define your Lab’s DSI-Level PERFORMANCE.  This is walking the talk.  Create total consistent alignment of the lab’s performance with its DSI.

I hope this helps.  Maybe we need to include this exercise in our departmental planning.  We do not yet have a DSI for the Physics Department as a whole.  Maybe we also need to compare our DSI with those of other physics departments and labs (UP, La Salle, and abroad).  Once we have agreed on our DSI, we always have to mention it whenever anyone asks about the Ateneo Physics Department.  All of us must share the burden in our unified
marketing effort.


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