Extension of Optional Midterm Online Course & Faculty Evaluations For First Semester SY 2011-12

10 August 2011

To :        Department Chairs and Program Directors,
Undergraduate Level

From :      Dr. Josefina D. Hofileña
Office of the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

Subject:    Extension of Optional Midterm Online Course & Faculty Evaluations For First Semester SY 2011-12

Students may continue to fill out this semester?s online Course and
Faculty Evaluation Forms for each of their classes until Friday, 12
August 2011.

The deadline was extended to allow more students to provide valuable
feedback on their courses and teachers this semester.

Students? Evaluation Procedure:

Please inform the faculty members concerned to ask their students to
follow the procedure below in accomplishing their online evaluations:

a. Logon to http://aisis.ateneo.edu
b. Click on ‘Course and Faculty Evaluation.’ All of their classes for
the current semester will be displayed.
c. Fill out the Course and Faculty Evaluation form for the specific
class/es only.
d. For questions regarding the online process, they may call the MIS
Office within office hours at locals 5170, 5171, and 5175 or e-mail misteam(at)admu.edu.ph

e. On matters regarding enrollment (wrong class, not enrolled in the
class) they must contact the Registrar?s Office ASAP within office
hours at locals 5131 to 5139, 5142, or 5146; or visit their office at
the ground floor of the Social Sciences building. They may also e-mail registrar(at)admu.edu.ph

Faculty members are also requested to assure their students that only
their answers will be made available to their teachers/appropriate
offices and their identity will be held in strictest confidence.

Feedback of results to faculty members:

Since faculty members will not be able to download/view their midterm
results, Department Chairs/Program Directors are requested to discuss
these with the faculty members concerned. Results may be downloaded
starting 15 August 2011 until the start of the regular end-of-sem
online course and faculty evaluations.

Thank you very much.

Miguel Martin R. Vilchez, M.Ed.
Assistant to the ADAA for Curriculum
Office of the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Ateneo de Manila University


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